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Portfolio 服務範圍

Authorized Person Service 認可人士

Appointment of Authorized Person (AP) is required for new development, redevelopment and any Alteration and Addition works carried out in existing buildings to ensure that the works fully comply with Buildings Ordinance.
Follow up of various types of Orders issued by Buildings Department.
Consultation on Unauthorized Building Works (UBW) and advice on strategy to resolve the problem.
諮詢和建議有關解決違例建築物 (僭建) 的問題和策略
Large Scale Design and Submission to Buildings Department
Redevelopment Feasibility Study and Appraisal Report Services


Licensing 各項牌照

Licensing application for restaurants, private tutorial schools, kindergarten and places for public entertainment.
替食肆, 私人補習學校, 幼稚園和公眾娛樂場所申請牌照

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Minor Works Control System 小型工程

Design and Certification for Minor Works Class I works, Removal of UBW Signboard
設計和認證小型工程第I級別工程,拆卸 UBW 招牌

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Design and Project Management 設計及項目管理

Shop, Factory and Office Fitting-out, Maintenance and Repair works, Space Planning
商店、工廠及辦公室裝修, 維修保養及修葺工程設計及項目管理,空間策劃


Building Repair and Renovation 樓宇維修及翻新

Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme

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Expert Report 專家報告

Preparation of expert report for court and tribunal cases in water seepage incidents, building investigation and defects diagnosis, decoration works disputes, loss assessments and etc.

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Water Seepage Investigation 滲水檢測

Water leakage Investigation and Solution

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Facilities Management 設施管理

Corporate facilities management strategy and advice service

BEAM Pro 綠建專才

'BEAM Plus' Green building certification and green products consultation service


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